About Us

New Chapterr is a homegrown, female-led brand that employs and supports local artisans to create no-waste, sustainable clothing from natural materials. The founder, Simran, started New Chapterr because she was tired of buying clothes from the same 3 brands all the time. A working woman, she needed clothes that were professional but didn’t resemble funeral clothes! With her love for boho clothing and natural fabrics, and her dislike of polyester and its cousin fabrics, she faced a problem with compromising fabric for styles or styles for fabrics. The solution? New Chapterr–where style, fabric as well as ethical production are never compromised.

All her life people loved how she styled them, herself or anything she created with the local master ji or artisans around her. Every conversation for her would end with,“Sim you should start your own brand!” And she did.

30 years, many travels and illuminating interactions later…it was time for a new chapterr of her life- a time to use her experiences as a vision for her art. This strong adherence to her artistic values is reflected in her very first collection of New Chapterr– a cotton mull fabric intricately woven with thread to create the Folklore story as an Ode to the Mara tribe of Masai Mara. So she began to create clothes for who she calls ‘The NC Woman.’


Time is of essence- Respect time
Change is the only constant- Keep young, stay informed and take your advice from the old as well as the new.

Think before you speak- Always commit to what you can deliver/Always deliver what you commit to.

Presentation is God- You can sell ice to an Inuit if you present it uniquely.

Play Fair- Life rises and sets like the sun, so don’t let your influence make you arrogant. use your influence to create an impact.

Fear is the Key- Where we see fear is where something path breaking can be done.
Legacy over Longevity- Aspire to leave a legacy.